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Big Data For Intelligence From the Defense Strategies Institute

Mark Gross recently presented a case study at the DSI's Big Data Symposium titled "Lights-Out Automation: How DCL Uses AI to Transform Mountains of Confidential Disparate Data into Searchable and Structured Information." The full case study report is also available.

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Most document collections contain more than 50% redundancy. That means organizations are maintaining twice as much content – at twice the expense. With DCL's HarmonizerTM tool you can analyze collections of documents to identify identical content as well as "near duplicate" content. 

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A CIO Forges a Data Strategy Plan for Creating Actionable Data

There is no industry that isn't powered by data and doesn't need data to move forward. However, organizations continue to struggle with knowing what's valuable in the vast amounts of content they have and formatting that valuable content into actionable data and information.

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WEBINAR: Automation is a Key Component in S1000D Conversion Projects

A free webinar with S1000D expert Naveh Greenberg that discusses how to establish a successful S1000D conversion project. Join us!
November 28, 2018 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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Accessibility Starts with Structure

Digital Accessibility means removing barriers so that people with disabilities can interact with documents, websites, and other information technology. That interaction starts with content structure.

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Upcoming Events

National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP) National Conference

October 29 to 31 | Atlanta, GA

DCL is exhibiting. NSCP is for compliance, by compliance[Schedule meeting]

SDL Connect 

November 7 to 8 | Santa Clara, CA

DCL is exhibiting. SDL Connect 2018 will investigate and showcase the combination of technology and processes you need to unify your content supply chain from creation, through translation to delivery. [Schedule meeting]

FEDLINK Fall Expo: Optimizing Federal Libraries Through Partnerships

November 7 | Washington, DC

FEDLINK is the Federal Library and Information Network.

DCL is exhibiting. [Schedule meeting]



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