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Acuitytec helps you automate and optimize the user information validation in the Registration process.

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The Power of Email Intelligence   

Instantly knowing which email accounts are not safe helps you fight exposure to online fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers with AcuityTec.  

The Email Verification process is done in real-time and is customized to ensure that itmeets the model of your business.   

AcuityTec provides reliable, accurate and affordable Email Verification technology services to professionals and businesses worldwide. 

AML Verification

Customer name will be screened against AML, PEP and other Official Lists and you will have the ability to use AML . 

This service will provide a comprehensive coverage of global AML risk data sources including sanction lists , law enforcement lists (Interpol, country specific government and state agencies, and police forces), and governing regulatory bodies (financial and securities commissions) from around the world.

This new Scrubber will apply to Transaction and Registration methods.

Professor Lock Reminder

Auto-Reject Functionality    

We encourage our customers to fully take advantage of our system by enabling the Auto-Reject Functionality.   

AcuityTec empowers you to detect suspicious activities and prevent bad traffic from entering your network in the first place, but not at the expense of a good user experience for legitimate customers who will enable your business to thrive.   

Our approach can not only fight fraud and contribute to operations savings through a reduction in manual reviews, but significantly minimize friction for good customers.   

Automatically Reject transactions based on high score threshold and targeted risk alerts!

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