Looking for your Risk Management and Anti-Fraud solution?  We got you covered in all industries, from payment processing, gaming, adult, forex, bitcoin, pharma, e-commerce.

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The Power of Email Intelligence   

Instantly knowing which email accounts are not safe helps you fight exposure to online fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers with AcuityTec.  

The Email Verification process is done in real-time and is customized to ensure that itmeets the model of your business.   

AcuityTec provides reliable, accurate and affordable Email Verification technology services to professionals and businesses worldwide. 

Phone Number Verification

Arm yourself with phone authentication technology!  

Automatically verify customers via mobile and land lines to ensure and safeguard end-user legitimacy.   

While this service runs healthy at the deposit level, it can be applied anywhere.   

At Registration,Password Reset, even offering your customers a second level of account security.  

Serve and Protect!  Enable it today, contact us!

Professor Lock Reminder

Fraud Review Status     

Our system empowers you with the ability to flag risk new sign-ups and transactions by simply selecting the 'Fraud Review' status corresponding to the decision taken on the case being reviewed. Moreover, you have immediate access to Whitelist or Blacklist the customer.   

The 'Fraud Review' status is displayed for every single account registration and transaction and the options are: Passed, Review, Failed, Whitelist and Blacklist.   

Also, the 'Sticky' feature is available for the 'Fraud Review' status on the transactional side, allowing you to decide if the selected 'Fraud Review' status will be applied for all the customer transactions queued in the Action Center or just for that specific transaction.

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