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The upcoming version of our software will be released very soon and it includes new premium data verification services. 

You will have at your disposal extra layers of security to validate an individual's identity and to protect the reputation and integrity of your brand by reducing the likelihood of your business becoming a vehicle for or a victim of financial crime. 

Global Photo ID Verification 

  • This method extracts and verifies personal information from the Photo ID document. 
  • An ideal method to complement the verification process and ensure that customers are who they say they are. 

AML Verification 

  • Customer name will be screened against AML, PEP and other Official Lists and you will have the ability to use AML Verification information to create business rules. 
  • This new Scrubber will apply to Transaction and Registration methods.

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Save Filters Feature 

Our reporting pages offer a wide variety of basic and advanced search filters, allowing the display of traffic based on selected criteria. 

You also have the option to save preferred filters for future reuse. Simply expand the 'Advanced Filters' on the reporting page that you are reviewing, select the criteria you want to use to perform the search and click on 'Save Filters'; then, add a custom name to the filter you are creating and click 'Save'. 

The next time that you want to use your preferred filter, go to the reporting page where you saved it and choose the filter you need from the 'Select Filter' dropdown. You can save as many filters as you like and reuse them at any time!

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