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Global Identity Verification Services

Worldwide Coverage!

Internationalization is becoming a necessity for more andmore businesses. As you increasingly and inevitable start encountering data forclients outside of the USA know that we have you covered!  

AcuityTec provides you with Address and ID verification results for almost every corner of the world. 

Worldwide results are fully compatible with our Rules Engineand Risk Scoring Module. 

Take advantage. Go Global

* new countries have been added. Please contact us if you need more information on this service

Telephone  Authentication

Arm yourself with phone authentication technology! 

Automatically verify customers via mobile and land lines to ensure and safeguard end-user legitimacy.  

While this service runs healthy at the deposit level, it can be applied anywhere.  

At Registration,Password Reset, even offering your customers a second level of account security. 

Serve and Protect! 

Enable it today, contact us!

Professor Lock Reminder

Streamlining Know Your Customer (KYC) and Compliance Processes    

 AcuityTec's all-in-one risk management solution helps your business automate and optimize the user data validation in the KYC process.   

We enable merchants to verify users at account creation, login, KYC checkpoints and transaction level; evaluating customer patterns, behaviors and transactions risk in real-time.    

We provide you with instant access to the most efficient and reliable customer data verification services, all in one place. From Identity and Date of Birth, to Physical Address, Phone Number and Email Address, down to Geo-Location, DeviceID and BIN information.   

All parameters and data verification results are Multi-Source Rule Logic friendly—meaning can be combined into a rule without limitation to a specified source/provider.   

Improve integrity, accuracy, credibility and security with AcuityTec

We are here for you! 


If you want different results, do something different... Contact us! 

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