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SSN and DOB Verification 

Using premium data source providers, we have integrated automated SSN as well as DOB verification results which can be used to create customized rules for instant scoring and fraudulent patterns detection

If you want more information on this service, please contact us at : info@acuitytec.com

Online Security Tips


Hide your IP Address

You may want to use IP address masking to hide your geographical location or to prevent web tracking. This can be done in multiple ways such as using a Proxy server or using a VPN.

Be careful with email attachments and links

One of the most common ways to get a virus or spyware is by opening a bad email attachment or by clicking a bad link in an email attachment. If you don’t know the sender, be very careful opening any attachments. Even if you do know the sender, if the email looks suspicious, you may want to confirm with the sender that they sent the email. Email seems to get hacked very often which can cause the sender to spam out a malicious email to all of people on their contact list. 

Only Browse Financial/Personal sites on your personal devices

This one is straight forward. Try to avoid logging into your bank website or any other sensitive sites while on a device that isn’t your own. You never know if that device is 100% secure. 

Back up your Data

If the unfortunate event happens that you get a virus, or you get hacked, having a good backup of your data can help quite a bit in the recovery process. Set up a weekly, or even daily, schedule to back up your data. Automating this will make it so you won’t forget to manually start the backup process. 

Professor Lock Reminder

Global and Local Databases  

 Identify high risk in and outside your network and set trust levels while effectively manage your customers data.


 Have full control over your Local Negative, High Risk, White List and Decline Reason Databases! Be in the know, take action!   

 In addition, we empower you with the ability to customize the Global Database rules and changes take effect immediately.   

 Our AcuityTec's hands-on Risk Management Team is available to assist you in optimizing these rules.

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