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Bank Account Verification 

Efficently verify ACH bank accounts to prevent returns from happening due to insufficient funds or closed accounts.

Protecting your business against expensive and critical ACH returns! 

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Online Security Tips


1. Don’t forget to log out
2. Try not to access confidential accounts on public devices or networks
3. Use a VPN
4. Do not give your personal info in exchange for prizes
5. Think twice before sharing your location
6. Beware of suspicious emails
7. Use a strong password
8. Browse anonymously

Professor Lock Reminder

A Trusted Solution for your Email Marketing Campaigns

AcuityTec helps online merchants improve marketing email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.

Increase your Email Campaign Performance by Focusing only on REAL People

  • Eliminate Hard Bounces Keep invalid email addresses from getting into your database
  • Reduce Complaints:  Avoid spam complaints or getting marked as spam when emailing prospects and customers.
  • Protect Against Fraud:  Recognize the risk that an email address or email domain and the person behind it poses to your business.
  • Increase Deliverability:  Prevent conversion loss by validating email addresses before you send marketing emails.

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