Welcome to the August edition of the Bulletin where you can find the latest on upcoming events, demonstration site news and resources on soil management and plant health in the Australian vegetable industry. 


Cover Crop Coaching Clinic, NSW

Cover crops are being rediscovered as important tools for improving soil structure and health.

This workshop brings cover crops into the 21st century combining the new science, machinery and management practices to make them work on today’s farms.

Date: Monday 27 August 2018
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Location: Kulnura Public Hall, and a field session at 10 Pembertons Hill Rd, Mangrove Mountain, NSW 2250

Click here for more information and to register. 

Soilborne Disease Master Class 2018

With limited spots remaining, this master class will provide and discuss the core principles and cutting edge knowledge for managing soilborne disease in different vegetable production systems. Our aim is to challenge and inspire all involved to make changes to their thinking and practices. 

Date: 3-4 September 2018 
Time: all day, including networking dinner and field visit 
Location: Technology Park, Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, SA 

Download the brochure for further information and to register.


Managing cover crop transition at Cowra, NSW

Cover crops are great tools for soil management. Their benefits can include improving soil structure and health, reducing erosion and weeds, adding nitrogen and contributing to weed and disease control. 

Managing the transition from cover crop to cash crop is a key factor in determining the successful integration of cover crops into your farm. With cover crops able to produce more than 100 tonnes of fresh plant material per hectare, the transition needs to be well managed to prevent problems in the following cash crop. 

At the Cowra demonstration site we will be looking at the use of a roller crimper (with and without herbicide) to go from a cereal rye cover crop to a pumpkin crop. Keep an eye on progress at the Facebook site, and hopefully some rain! Click here for further information about the site. 

For other information on managing the switch back to your cash crop have a look at our fact sheet.


The role of soil DNA testing in managing the risk of soilborne diseases (webinar recording)

Soilborne diseases pose a significant threat to vegetable crop health and losses. Disease pressure and prevalence is influenced by a number of factors including block slection, crop rotation, varieties, nutrition, irrigation and fumigation. 

Watch this informative and practical session to get the latest updates from Dr Michael Rettke, South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) and Dr Doris Blaesing, RMCG. 

Winter Crane Fly (Trichocera annulata)

The Winter crane fly is part of the large insect family Tipulidae. In Australia, the winter crane fly larvae feed on rotting organic matter and, possibly, on frost-damaged or waterlogged plants. 

Read this fact sheet to discover more about the winter crane fly damage, life cycle, management options and further references.

What we're reading: Hort Innovation and The Yield - optimising water use

Identifying new ways to optimise irrigation is key to the ongoing success and sustainability of irrigated farming in Australia. 

The rise of agricultural technology is seeing tailored farming solutions that marry microclimate sensors with data intelligence to provide accurate insight into the crop and soil water balance. By providing real-time information about what is happening in each crop, these emerging technologies can help growers make faster, more accurate irrigation decisions by backing up gut feel with hard evidence. 

Read this article for an update from The Yield and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) research team on the exciting advancements in this project.

Grower led cover crop demonstrations - interested?

Inspired by Soils First Tasmania, the cover crop project is looking to support other grower led cover crop demonstrations across Australia’s main vegetable growing regions. If you are interested in having a look at a range of different cover crops and mixes, then we would like to help. The information from these demonstration planting will help develop regional cover crop guides for the vegetable industry. 

If you're interested in hosting a demonstration planting, please contact Kelvin Montagu 0421 138 019 or via email

To find out more about the Soil Wealth or ICP projects visit the website, or join the Soil Wealth and ICP Community of Practice online. You can also follow us on Twitter @ProtectingCrops or @SoilWealth for the latest news and updates.

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