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After dealing with many different companies and people over the years, I have put together my lessons on capital raising. You can find my dot points here. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Preparations for our Queensland Small Business Week 2018 breakfast are in full swing. My team and I look forward to welcoming you at an informal event over a light breakfast, networking and discussing capital raising options and investment opportunities in Australia. The event will be held on 31 May at Spring Hill, Brisbane.

In this edition of our newsletter I have included:

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Mark Rainbird 

Managing Director 

Funding Strategies


 Funding Strategies

Funding Strategies is a capital markets firm providing strategic advice, venture equity capital and finance services to small business and companies seeking capital for growth and expansion in the unlisted, pre-IPO and listed capital markets. We specialise in creating and implementing successful funding and capital raising strategies. 

We serve predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors, with a broad range of services: 

  • Corporate Advisory
  • Funding Strategies and Investor Ready Services
  • Equity and Debt Capital Raisings
  • Small Scale Offerings and Venture Capital
  • Grant Funding
  • Special Private Placements
  • Stock Exchange Listings
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments
  • Strategic Trade Sales
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Real Estate Debt and Equity Financing and Restructuring
  • Providing Opportunities for Investors
  • Director and business advisory services
  • Migration Investment SIV 132A, 132B and 188E
  • Fund Management / Venture Funds


  Introducing PictureWealth

"PictureWealth helps you get your money matters optimised – quickly and easily."

PictureWealth has created a platform for people to review and learn about their money so that they can better manage their financial health and wellness. The platform replaces personal finance software and creates one true picture of their wealth, namely a “Welfie” (pictured left). 

PictureWealth’s software and algorithms are focused on educating and empowering people by delivering customised financial guidance on a large scale,at a low cost.  

The Company acquires clients and their associated ongoing revenue from financial services businesses via mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”). It then overlays the PictureWealth technology experience and converts those clients to be advised digitally.  

Please contact us to find out more about PictureWealth. 


Elev8 Venture Capital Fund

Did you know you can invest tax free 

by investing in companies via a Venture Fund?

The ESVCLP (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership) structure is a federal government initiative designed to encourage investment in early stage venture companies in Australia.  Australian investors in ESVCLPs will be taxed as follows:

  • Capital gains from the realisation of an eligible investment by the Fund are exempt from Australian income tax if the fund owned the investment for at least 12 months;
  • Income derived from an eligible investment of the fund (such as a dividend) is exempt from Australian income tax;
  • Losses arising from the disposal of eligible investments by the Fund are not deductible for Australian income tax purposes. In addition, investors in the fund will be entitled to a tax offset of up to 10% of the amount they invest in the fund.    

Elev8 is an ESVCLP Fund and the information memorandum can downloaded here

For more information please contact us.


 Dealer Trade Holdings

Dealer Trade goes from strength to strength

  • Dealer Trade Holdings announced that its subsidiary CarRecord has entered into a partnership with Gumtree. Since the integration in late February, report sales have doubled week on week, with EDMs (Electronic Direct Mails) now being released regularly to over 100,000 unique users.

  • The Company welcomed Suzuki QLD who have agreed to run all wholesale auctions via the Dealer Trade platform. 
  • The platform is now live in the UK with a user base of 1,200 dealers. Invitations are being issued to a further 12,000 dealers by the Company's new UK based directors, who collectively have over 60 years of high level experience in the auction industry. 
  • Autopact, one of Australia's largest automotive dealership groups, has agreed to partner with Dealer Trade for all vehicle remarketing activities. Dealer Trade Holdings expects this to be the first of a number of significant partnership announcements throughout the year as Dealer Trade Holdings is currently engaged in discussions with 6 of the top 11 non-listed dealership groups in the country. 
  • CarRecord's US subsidiary has been approved as a data recipient from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Subject to funding, the Company expects to launch this product in the second half of 2018. 


 Guarda Group Holdings

Guarda Group signs up major clients

"On behalf of Guarda Group Holdings, I am delighted to announce that our Perth based wall chasing business has picked up 3 major clients in the last month which will effectively more than double 2018 volumes and revenues compared with 2017. 

This new business is a result of the ability of Enviro Chasing Services, a subsidiary of Guarda Group, to offer safer wall chasing services via our purpose-designed saws and other equipment. Builders and electrical contractors are recognising the risks associated with conventional wall chasing and acting accordingly."

 AqMB Holdings 

QUT applies the AqMB software, 

Directors briefing

and Mergermarket article

QUT have published a second technical paper in the Journal of Water Process Engineering using AqMB. The following is an extract: "Overall, the application of AqMB software has been demonstrated to provide a firm basis for further development of water process solutions in the coal seam gas industry. The use of this software package allowed rapid evaluation of process options and narrowed the scope of potential solutions for the wide range of water compositions which occur in the industry. Future studies should not only address coal seam gas associated water samples which contain significant chloride concentrations but also expand the range of treatment technologies to include anionic resins and membrane methods such as reverse osmosis."

Please also view the AqMB Director's briefing and a recent Mergermarket article on AqMB via the links below. 


 Enviro Sand

"Australia needs to start recycling 

and reusing its own waste, 

says industry struggling under China's ban" 

states a recent news article. 

Enviro Sand offers a solution.

"The waste industry has reached crisis point several months into the Chinese waste ban, and stakeholders want immediate action.The industry is calling for assistance to help it transition to a so-called 'circular economy' where waste would be collected, processed and then reused to make new products here in Australia. Recyclers say if we do not do it recycling rates will drop, causing serious environmental harm as more waste gets dumped in landfill."

Enviro Sand is an Australian owned company providing quality manufactured glass media (ie. sand) that is made entirely from recycled glass. Enviro Sand sources its raw materials from waste recycling facilities. Enviro Sand provides a sustainable alternative to mined, virgin resources, while alleviating the environmental impact that waste glass is having on the environment.



"OpenPort Announces the Launch of the 

OEL Foundation to Promote Blockchain Innovation within the Supply Chain Industry

Hong Kong – April 19, 2018 – OpenPort, the digital logistics platform that uses blockchain technology to transform domestic distribution in emerging markets, today announced the launch of the Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation, a non-profit organization open to enterprises in the supply chain and logistics industry.

The Foundation is committed to providing governance, development, and open source collaboration for the OEL Protocol and is preparing for its token generation event (TGE) which is set to commence later this year. OpenPort will provide vendor support and assist the Foundation with development, administrative and marketing efforts however the OEL Foundation will have an independent board."

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