The International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) is initiating the 2018 survey to assess changes in global Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) practices via this online questionnaire which will be utilized to publish IFFS Surveillance 2019: Global Trends in Reproductive Medicine - Policy and Practice, 8th Edition. Surveillance 2019 is a triennial publication launched by Drs. Howard Jones and Jacques Cohen in 1998 and represents the only compendium of world-wide ART practices. It has achieved international prominence among health ministries and planners and has become a key reference in documenting ART practices and emerging trends around the world. The previous 2016 edition represented over 95% of global ART cycles and a high proportion of countries performing ART participated. The completion and accuracy of Surveillance has been reliant on informed professionals in each country to convey their nations experience over the three-year interval. You have been identified as an individual uniquely capable of representing your country. 

If you are a respondent that has participated in Surveillance before we are very much hoping to enlist your help once again. The online Survey has been shortened and reformatted to make it quicker and easier to complete. The current website should facilitate your responses by providing a clean interface, with the ability to save partial responses, and submit your survey from any computer or mobile device with a web connection. Based on past experience, we anticipate that it will take the average respondent two hours to complete. 

 If you have not participated in the Survey before, our website is the portal to be used for collecting and managing information to be incorporated into the publication. Detailed instructions will be provided online along with additional support provided by our vendor, MedTech.  The information that you provide in the 2018 questionnaire will be incorporated into the 2019 Surveillance publication. IFFS Surveillance 2019 serves a critical role in realizing the mission of IFFS to promote understanding and identify similarities, differences, and emerging trends in ART practices around the world. 

We would appreciate your responding now and indicating whether or not you will be able to participate in the 2018 questionnaire. If you are not able to participate, we would appreciate your help in identifying a suitable individual to respond for your country. The Surveillance questionnaire will be accessible live online on February 1, 2018 and the deadline for completion is March 31, 2018. You should feel free to consult others who might be able to provide accurate, comprehensive information. If you are unable to provide an answer to any of the questions with certainty, please check the "unknown" response for any relevant questions. Respondents for Surveillance 2019 will be listed in the publication as participants and will receive a certificate of appreciation from the IFFS.

In advance, we would like to convey our deep appreciation of your time and effort in participating in Surveillance. If you have any questions or need assistance with the website, please email: 


Steven J Ory  Editor-in-Chief, IFFS Surveillance 2019: Global Trends in Reproductive Medicine - Policy and Practice

Kathleen Miller Managing Editor, IFFS Surveillance 2019: Global Trends in Reproductive Medicine - Policy and Practice

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