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More Flexibility for Gen3 CEESCOPE™ "all in one"

We sometimes come across new or unusual applications, and even for one-off projects we will often be able to add enhancements or programming changes to meet the particular equipment requirements. Whether it is a remote on/off relay interface for a large offshore USV or a special IMU interface, once the feature is available it probably becomes useful for someone else later on. Recently we have been quite busy adding capabilities to our CEESCOPE like this, some of which are mentioned below.


Product Focus - New CEESCOPE GNSS

New NovAtel 555-Channel GNSS

NovAtel recently launched the 555-channel OEM729 receiver for GNSS systems such as the CEESCOPE that previously used the 120-channel OEM6. All new orders with NovAtel positioning will use the latest receiver card, offering better performance in challenging multipath and obstructed environments.

New Hemisphere Atlas Basic "Lifetime" 

Hemisphere's Atlas Basic L-band correction service, launched in November 2017 offers instant, world-wide submeter multi-constellation positioning with a one-off subscription payment for the life of the receiver. Superior to SBAS options such as WAAS that only uses GPS satellites, Atlas Basic is multi constellation and offers superior results especially with restricted sky view. The CEESCOPE with Hemisphere Eclipse GNSS receiver may be ordered with Atlas Basic pre-loaded. In testing we were impressed and quickly got to 25 satellites and a 0.25m standard error. 

The latest "generation 3" CEESCOPE includes improved battery monitoring and membrane buttons, and a new motherboard design with an integral Ethernet switch. This allows the user direct access to the GNSS card, and adds the ability to send network RTK corrections to the CEESCOPE through the same WiFi / Ethernet connection as the data output. This leads to simple connectivity and seamless network RTK for USV surveys.

Customer News


CEE recently supplied a Jet Ski survey package including the latest "gen 3" RTK CEESCOPE through French agent PrimeGPS. The project called for a self-contained waterproof single beam hydrographic system to be used with HYPACK that could be mounted on an existing Jet Ski owned by the survey firm. With a high power WiFi access point, managed and powered by the CEESCOPE itself and 15 hours operation from booster battery packs, a waterproof tablet is used by the vehicle driver for data acquisition. Survey data may be either recorded on the CEESCOPE for later uploading into a HYPACK project or recorded in real time on the tablet. Read more HERE.
CEE-USV with Leica GNSS In Slovakia

The Bluetooth GNSS interface of the CEE-USV was used for an elegant wireless integration of the customer's existing Leica GS16 GNSS. Once the CEESCOPE LITE echo sounder on board is paired with the RTK Rover the first time, it will thereafter automatically link up when in range.


Video Library - New Releases

CEE-USV: Underwater Action with HYPACK

Testing the new driver; CEE-USV in super close-up while HYPACK software is used to acquire some shallow water bathymetry.


Software Updates


New Custom HYPACK Driver is Available

Particularly useful for users operating a CEESCOPE or CEE ECHO over a wireless link, the latest HYPACK 2018 release includes a new CEE custom driver. Improved data timing, crucial for telemetered data, is offered by the new alternative driver. LEARN MORE.


New Hydromagic Project Conversion Tool

It is now easier to handle saved CEESCOPE data imported directly from the echo sounder CSC files. Hydromagic now has a project geodesy conversion tool, quickly transforming UTM saved data to any other co-ordinate systems such as US State Plane. 


Conferences and Demos

CEE LINE Kits Available for Demo

The new CEE LINE echo sounder kit is ideal for use with GNSS data collector acquisition. With a simple interface and no batteries of Bluetooth to worry about, just plug it in and off you go. Demo kits are ready in the US office. It looks weird but it works.

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