27 June 2018


Introducing AGS KHZ


Dear reader,

KHZ is excited to announce that we have joined the AGS family.
The AGS Group is a pioneer in the mobility industry and KHZ customers will benefit even more from its extensive global network. 

The AGS Group, like KHZ, started as a small family-owned business 44 years ago and has since grown into a global company - operating in 141 locations and 94 countries around the world. The acquisition was a perfect fit as the two companies share the same philosophies and values. 

In line with the AGS Group's global vision, and to reflect the unique solutions offered to its customers, KHZ is rebranding to AGS KHZ.

Customers will benefit from the newly rebranded AGS KHZ through a broader scope of offerings including:

  • Extended and bespoke service offering in relocation, immigration and removal services;
  • An even stronger financial base which is reassuring in terms of sustainability;
  • The capacity to mobilise resources and skills to respond to large-scale customer projects;
  • Already well established commitment to environmental and social responsibility;
  • Strong international expertise and experience;
  • And a greater trading capacity due to the size of the Group.
With the acquisition of KHZ, the AGS Group will establish a strong presence in The Netherlands, which was previously missing from its European network.

We are excited to serve you in The Netherlands and around the world.

Kind regards,

img   Michiel Delmonte
Business Development Manager
Tel: +31 (0)172 44 99 49
img   Jordan van Loon
Branch Manager
Tel: +31 (0)172 44 99 91
94 countries • 141 locations
4,112 employees • 1,029 vehicles
198,630 m2 storage capacity
44 years’ experience

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