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September 2018


Replacing copper with negawattshow RIIO-2 could revolutionise network regulation

Ofgem’s recent framework decision on improving its performance-based regulation scheme, RIIO, indicates that it may take a much-needed step toward equal treatment of supply-side and customer-side resources. However, what this would mean specifically for network companies and RIIO is not yet clear. Dr. Jan Rosenow highlights innovative network regulation schemes to urge Ofgem to place energy efficiency, demand-side resources, and customers at the heart of the U.K.’s clean energy transition.



Network charges in Germany: a black box that can’t be opened?

In 2018, German electricity network operators billed upward of 24 billion euros to consumers in the form of network charges. Yet the customers footing this bill have no way of knowing how these charges for use of the grid infrastructure are calculated. Requests for documentation yield only heavily redacted reports. The German Federal Constitutional Court dismissed civil suits seeking clarity in 2017. It’s now up to policymakers to ensure transparency. (In German)



Book launch: “Mapping power: The political economy of electricity in India’s states”

RAP and the Centre for Policy Research are excited to release Mapping Power, a comprehensive analysis of India’s state power sectors. By exploring the past, the authors provide historically grounded recommendations for solutions to the challenges facing India’s electricity future.

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Richard Cowart honoured with ACEEE “Champions of Energy Efficiency” award

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy honoured Richard Cowart for his leadership in energy efficiency policy in the United States and Europe. Mr. Cowart’s excellence in the field spans more than 30 years and includes establishing efficiency as a central part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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