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2018年8月 | August 2018

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从国际经验来看,现货市场如果设计得当,可以为经济、环境带来诸多益处。然而,实施电力市场并非易事 - 并且可能会停滞不前或导致危机(其中美国加州是最著名的例子)。在这里,我们将提供一些实用的想法,以降低中国电力市场实施风险。 






Carl Linvill博士再次被任命为美国西部电力不平衡市场(EIM)管理机构副主席

这是睿博能源智库Carl Linvill博士在EIM管理机构的第二个任期。EIM成立于2014年,是美国第一个实时大宗电力交易市场,目前拥有8家成员,服务于美国8个州以及加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省。了解更多




power market

Making China’s Electricity Markets Work for Clean Energy   

Design and implementation of  spot markets could bring many economic and environmental benefits. However,  putting these kinds of markets in place is no easy task—and can stall or result in crisis. Max Dupuy recaps practical ideas to reduce implementation risks and align China's developing spot markets with national clean energy goals.



Brewing Up the Regulation of the Future with Performance Incentives    

How can utility regulation keep up with a rapidly changing power grid? One way that more U.S. states are exploring is to tie utility revenue to performance metrics. We examine the contrast between cost-of-service regulation and this 21st-century approach, noting that performance-based regulation (PBR) can take a variety of forms.
Further Notes


RAP's Linvill Reappointed to Western EIM Board 

Dr. Carl Linvill was appointed to a second term on the Governing Body of the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM). The EIM, launched in 2014 in the western United States, is the first real-time bulk power trading market in the region and now has eight participating members serving eight states and British Columbia. Read More

Global Insights

Power Market Integration, Beneficial Electrification


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