Golden Rule of Pitching

Want Prospects to Love Your Next "Short List" Interview? Practice the Golden Rule of New Business Pitching

By: Joey Asher

President of Speechworks

Here’s a way to get raves next time you give a short-list pitch. Follow the Golden Rule of New Business Pitching:

“Pitch unto others as you would have others pitch unto you.”

That is, think about what you would like to hear if you were in the position of your prospect. Then present that.

Would you like it if the presenter began with background information about his or her firm?

Or would you prefer that he dump the background garbage and talk only about your project and its challenges?

How would you like it if someone’s presentation had 15 major points?

Or would prefer three takeaways?

Would you like it if someone droned through their detailed scheduling or estimating process?

Or would you prefer they address your project’s scheduling or budget challenges?

Would you like sitting through 45 PowerPoint slides?

Or would eight slides be better?

What would you think of a speaker that wouldn’t take a stand on an issue about your project?

Or would you prefer a simple answer?

Do you think that there is a single human on Earth (and I’m including your mother) that wants to hear you speak for an hour?

Or would you prefer a shorter pitch where you can interrupt and ask questions?

And would you prefer long answers or short answers?

Do you like it when presenters seem like they haven’t practiced?

Do you like it when presenters seem bored?

Consider what you’d like if you were the prospect. Then make that your pitch.

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