Making HUGE decisions


Hi everyone,

I saw a quote so simple yet so true on a Facebook Group page for career advisors this week.  “We ask 18-year-olds to make huge decisions about their career and financial future, when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom.”    

As all of us know, the transition from school to higher education, vocational training and employment can be hard work. We hope that our young people make a right decision and go on to be all they can be.   

I will be joining delegates at CATE next week to catch up with old friends and hopefully make new ones, and, perhaps most importantly, hear from you all about what you look for when recommending transition-focused programmes to your students.   

 I will also be leading a workshop where you’ll have the opportunity to chat to some of our students about how their journey benefited them and their families and widened their opportunities.  I will also be giving away a pretty cool prize … we have a weekend voyage next year open to our supporters and partners and I have two free passages to give away within our schools sector.  These have a value of  $680 each.  To be in the running I simply need you to reply to this email with your name, school, contact number and the one thing, above all else, what you would like to get out of the voyage.  

I will be picking our winners after CATE.  In the meantime, for the latest on the Spirit , please do visit our website follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and you can always drop me an email with any questions.   See you soon!


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