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Issue: 51

Oct 23, 2018

All About Devtac


Securing Your Data Means Securing Your Business

Technology is rapidly progressing. With innovations and software developments fundamental to many businesses, an increasing amount of personal information also moves around the digital world. As a result, company data becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks, exposing them to recurring data breaches that ... more


Maintaining Business Productivity During the Holiday Season

The holiday seasons are approaching, and soon after, you are about to get busier. It’s time to feel the holiday spirit, as the streets fill up with people celebrating the festivities. But it is also a time to focus on finishing the year strong and planning for the next opportunities ahead in 2019, w ... more


Zoho PageSense: Introducing Tagging in Session Recording

We’re happy to introduce Tags—PageSense’s latest Session Recording feature. With Tags, you can analyze recordings instantly and save the time and effort that goes into reviewing individual recordings. Now you can focus on learning about your visitors’ behavior and making data-driven decisions that i ... more


Understanding the Foundations of Customer Experience

A CEO from one of Europe’s largest manufacturers once said to me, “The relationship begins the first time I let you down.” Through the years, the wisdom of that insight still resonates with me. In a business, engineering and product development teams create elegant and useful goods and services. Alo ... more


5 Things Digital Marketers Can Do for Sustainability

You don't have to be an expert in energy or science to curb climate change. And I don't just mean the changes you can make as an individual, like reduce, reuse, and recycle.When I began to realize how urgent and enormous the climate problem is, I was already a decade into my career helping our Mar ... more


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Faster, safer and more efficient: How 5G will change tomorrow's cars

The high-speed wireless technology isn't just for your phone -- it promises to change tomorrow's vehicles and roads for the better. Most of the hype about 5G wireless networks centers on faster data speeds for phones and laptops. But there's a whole range of internet-connected things out there that s ... more


Robots to make robots at ABB's new $150 million factory in China

Robots will make robots at a new ABB (ABBN.S) factory in China, which the Swiss engineering group said on Saturday it plans to build for $150 million in Shanghai as it defends its place as the country’s largest maker of industrial robots.The factory, located near ABB’s China robotics campus, is due ... more


iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini Refresh Said to Headline Next Week's Apple Event

Apple Inc. is about to give two product lines much needed upgrades after the gadgets slipped into the towering shadow of the iPhone.  On Tuesday, the Cupertino, California-based technology giant will take the stage in Brooklyn, New York, to unveil new Mac computers and iPad tablets. The th ... more


Commentary: Pokemon Go is still alive and changing lives

The game has become part of players' everyday life, changing how they commute and spend time with their family, say two observers. Augmented reality game Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 800 million times, making it one of the most successful examples of location-based media to date. Although ... more


Beats celebrates 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse

Beats has joined forces with Disney to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the world’s most famous mouse with a special edition of the Solo3 wireless headphones featuring images of the Disney mascot. The headphones, which feature Mickey Mouse in his ionic pose, ship with a collectible pin and a c ... more

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IBM buys software company Red Hat for US$34b in bid for cloud dominance

WASHINGTON: IBM said on Sunday (Oct 28) it has reached a deal to buy open source software company Red Hat for US$34 billion, among the biggest tech mergers in history which the computing giant said would enhance its cloud offerings.If approved it will be the third biggest tech merger in history .... more

Microsoft completes $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub 

Microsoft has closed its $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub, a leading software development platform which brings more than 31 million developers to create, collaborate, share and build on each other's work. Nat Friedman, former CEO of Xamarin (acquired by Microsoft in 2016), is taking over a ... more

China to finance P743B in PH infra projects

Infrastructure to be financed by Chinese loans and grants are moving toward implementation ahead of the forthcoming visit of President Xi Jinping in November even as China has yet to provide the Philippine government with a shortlist of contractors for some projects, National Economic and Developmen ... more

Petrol, diesel prices cut for fourth consecutive day

DUBLIN: Britain's Local Authority Pension Fund Forum, which represents funds that owned a combined 1 per cent of Ryanair, on Sunday (Oct 28) announced it planned to file resolutions at the company's next annual general meeting to replace Chairman David Bonderman. The group, which opposed Bonderm ... more

A gift that transformed into a business

Enterprising couple Ruben and Trina Flores share a fascination for leather, and this spurred them into putting up their own leather bag business. It all started in 2008 as a birthday gift idea, and something of a dare between the couple who were still dating at that time.Ruben proudly told Trina that ... more



America mourns 11 victims of gunman who 'wanted Jews to die'

Federal officials said on Sunday that 46-year-old suspect Robert Bowers - arrested at the Tree of Life synagogue after a firefight with police - faces 29 federal charges.A 97-year-old woman, an octogenarian couple, two brothers. Americans on Sunday (Oct 28) learned the identities of the 11 victims o ... more

Arrested in Saudi Arabia, and then disappeared: Yemeni writer Marwan Almuraisy

More than four months after he was arrested, the whereabouts of Yemeni writer Marwan Almuraisy remain unknown. He was last seen in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he resides.Security officers arrested Almuraisy on June 1. Human rights organisations say he was transferred to an unknown location and that ... more

2 Koreas’ militaries agree to ‘completely destroy’ guard post by November

PANMUNJOM, North Korea — The two Koreas’ militaries have agreed to completely destroy guard posts in a front-line region by the end of November, as the two sides reiterated their pledge to suspend all cross-border hostilities starting next month. At the general-level military talks held at the border ... more

PH’s second microsatellite launched into space today

The Philippines will launch today the DIWATA-2 microsatellite, marking the country’s third venture into space under the P840-million PHL-MICROSAT Program of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). The DIWATA-2 will be carried as a secondary payload of the H-IIA F40 rocket and will be launch ... more

Thai Owner of Leicester Soccer Team Died in Helicopter Crash

The Thai owner of English Premier League club Leicester was on a helicopter that crashed and burst into flames shortly after taking off from the soccer field. LEICESTER, England (AP) — The Thai billionaire owner of English Premier League team Leicester City was among five people who died after his he ... more


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