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Issue: 50

Oct 16, 2018

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Sendand receive WhatsApp messages in SuiteCRM

We are excited to announce an end-to-end WhatsApp integration that enables your business to; Send one-off messages, Send bulk messages, Send automated messages based on workflow, Receive messages ... more


Is Social Media Making the World Bigger or Smaller?

Social media is scaling the world's instant communication, increasing connectivity and enabling businesses to move quicker than before. Through social media, we can meet people from all corners of the earth, exchange ideas, learn about other cultures, see products, and do business wherever you are, ... more


New software, updates and features are helping SugarCRM stay ahead of the game

As we continue to remain at the forefront of the CRM industry, we have recently made several major announcements regarding new technology, software and updates. Perhaps the biggest news today is the announcement of the Sugar Fall 18 release.  This release includes future-focused features ... more


How to plan your holiday email marketing before going on a vacation

From decorated stores to booming sales and high spirits, the holiday season makes both your professional and personal lives better. This is the time of the year you need to focus on your business, but also take some time off with your family. To help you strike that balance, we’ve curated a list of ... more


5 Emerging Trends That Will Shape the Future of Sales

At Salesforce, we have a unique vantage point that gives us a well-informed view into the future of sales. We get a real-time perspective by spending time working closely with our customers and their sales organizations, conducting primary research across industries and regions, having conversations ... more


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Make your own phone with MakerPhone (some soldering required)

There’s no shortage of interesting electronics kits out there to occupy an idle Sunday, but with this one you get a phone out of the bargain. The MakerPhone is a kit looking for funds on Kickstarter that lets you assemble a working mobile phone from a number of boards and pieces, and the end result ... more


Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL with Android Pie & dual front camera launched; price starts at Rs 71,000

Google today unveiled the third-generation of its Pixel smartphones, dubbed Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. The company launched the smartphones at an event hosted in New York and several other cities across the globe, including Paris, London, Tokyo and Singapore. The two smartphones are successo ... more


PlayStation 4 reportedly crashing due to malicious message

Numerous PS4 owners on Reddit and across social media are warning of a message containing a string of characters that can reportedly cause Sony’s console to seize up and crash. In some cases, the console gets so mixed up from this glitch that users are performing a factory reset on the hardware ... more


DARPA Is Working to Create Cyborgs and Meta-Humans – Even if They Won't Admit It

IIf you thought the announcement of the first air-to-air drone kill or the unveiling of Russia's new bipedal military mech was cause for some Fallout-style meditations on how war is changing, rest assured that DARPA is developing new technologies that rival anything military science fiction (or cyber ... more


This Magic Air Cooler Is The Most Incredible Invention In 2018

Summer is wonderful, but long, hot days can quickly become unbearable, especially if you are at work or need to study. Even when the window is open, the sun can quickly transform your office or bedroom into an oven. Sound familiar? A cooling breeze is something that we have come to expect in our cars, ... more

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US trade spat needs 'constructive solutions': China central bank

Speaking on the last day of the IMF-World Bank annual meetings in Bali, Yi Gang cautioned that a clash between the world's two biggest economies was a "lose-lose" situation. NUSA DUA, Indonesia: China's central bank governor on Sunday (Oct 14) sought to cool the temperature on a brewin .... more

World Bank provides US$1 billion standby facility for Indonesia disaster relief

NUSA DUA, Indonesia: The World Bank on Sunday (Oct 14) said it would provide a standby loan of up to US$1 billion for the Indonesian government for relief and reconstruction efforts in the country's two islands that were hit by earthquakes and a tsunami. The multilateral lender said the fund wil ... more

UK will see three years of low growth, says EY Item Club

The UK can expect low economic growth for the next three years, while a no-deal Brexit could dent growth even further, says a forecasting body. The EY Item Club predicted GDP growth of 1.3% this year and 1.5% in 2019, down from 1.4% and 1.6% respectively in its previous outlook three months ago. ... more

JP Morgan and Ford cancel plans for Saudi investor event

NEW YORK (Reuters) - JP Morgan & Chase Co (JPM.N) Chief Executive Jamie Dimon and Ford Motor Co (F.N) Chairman Bill Ford canceled plans to attend a Saudi investor conference, the companies said on Sunday, the latest such high-profile announcements after the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jama ... more

Mexico says new U.S. trade deal won't block other economic relations

MEXICO CITY/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray told his Chinese counterpart in a phone call on Saturday that Mexico’s new trade deal with the United States and Canada will not impede economic relations with other countries, according to a foreign ministry statement. The pac ... more



Death penalty: How many countries still have it?

Claim: Some 170 States have either abolished the death penalty or introduced a moratorium on its use.Verdict: According to Amnesty International in 2017, 142 countries had abolished the death penalty in law or practice. The UN Secretary General António Guterres marked the World Day against the Death ... more

Jamal Khashoggi case: 'Credible' probe needed over missing writer

The UK, Germany and France have demanded a credible investigation into the disappearance of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Their foreign ministers said that if anyone were found responsible they should be held accountable, and urged a detailed response from Riyadh. UK Foreign Secretary Je.. more

Child and two women die after plane crashes into them in Germany

Three people, including a child, have died after they were hit by a private plane in Germany as it attempted to take off. Two women and a child, believed to be nine or 10, were standing at the edge of an airfield at the Wasserkuppe hill near Fulda, in central Germany's Hesse state. ... more

Canada doesn’t have enough weed for when cannabis becomes legal on Wednesday

Canada is just days away from legalizing cannabis – but it doesn’t have enough weed to cope with demand. The move overturns a century-old law but people planning to celebrate with a joint could well be out of luck. Researchers from the University of Waterloo and the C.D. Howe Institute say suppliers ... more

Kidnapped aid workers in Nigeria may have just hours before being killed

ABUJA (NYTIMES) - Either of two aid workers kidnapped by a faction of the Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria may have only hours to be rescued before being executed, according to a fervent appeal by the aid organisations they work for. Ms Hauwa Muhammed Liman, a 24-year-old midwife at a government ... more


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