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Issue: 46

Sept 18, 2018

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Bad Social Media Habits That You Should Stop Now!

Social media has remained to progress in popularity as a top marketing tool for businesses and maintained to grow. In fact, according to an infographic by Social Fresh, social media budgets will double over the next five years.With so many resources invested in this marketing medium, you are presuma  ... more


Salesforce launches new low-code app building tools

Salesforce is introducing a set of new low-code tools to help just about anyone in a business build mobile apps quickly and easily. Specifically, the Lightning Object Creator is a new service that helps employees convert spreadsheets into apps. Another tool, the Lightning Flow Builder, helps users   ... more


CRM, in Government and Public Sector

A government with readily accessible services for its citizens and constituents gives an impression of successful governance. Unfortunately, government offices are not usually first-adopters of the newest technology. But because of their technologically-savvy citizens' demands of more easier and fas  ... more


Five Challenges Facing the Utilities Industry in 2018

After several decades of industry-wide change from a variety of external and internal forces, utilities now face a new wave of powerful disruption from progressing technology and shareholder performance expectations. At the same time, converging pressures such as grid modernization, an aging workfor ... more


60,000 times faster: The Power of Visuals in Relationship Intelligence

Pictures are worth 1,000 words, we have heard that before. So, should we try to make everything a picture?  Well, it depends on what you are trying to convey. Understanding data sometimes requires filtering or moving fields around to try and make sense of what you have ... more


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Amazon Is Investigating Claims That Employees Deleted Reviews And Sold Sales Data To Sellers

Employees have reportedly turned over proprietary sales information, deleted negative reviews, turned over reviewer e-mail addresses, or unbanned banned accounts. On Sunday, The Wall Street Journal published a report that revealed that sellers have bribed Amazon employees to get ... more


Google's Dragonfly Would Reportedly Collect Chinese Citizens' Phone Numbers

A prototype for Google's censored search engine in China would reportedly connect users' queries to their phone numbers, making it easier for the government to track their searches. The engine, reportedly code-named Dragonfly and designed for Android devices, would exclude content that isn't approve ... more


The Apple Watch Stole The Show From This Year’s New Iphones

The most exciting announcement from Apple’s annual iPhone event on Tuesday was not a set of three new smartphones, but a smartwatch. The most exciting announcement from Apple’s annual iPhone event on Tuesday was not a set of three new smartphones, but a smartwatch. The Apple Watch Series 4 ... more


Instagram Criticised Over Eating Disorder Hashtags

Instagram says it is working to improve the artificial intelligence it uses to protect vulnerable users after communities promoting eating disorders were not picked up on the app. Since 2016, the social media giant has held a policy that whenever a user searches for potentially harmful topics like... more


Beware Virtual 'Kidnapping' Scams, FBI Warns

Virtual kidnapping scams that attempt to dupe victims into paying a quick ransom are on the rise, a new FBI bulletin says. The virtual aspect of the scam involves staging a scene either on the phone or via social media in an attempt to convince the victim that a loved one has been kidnapped, the FBI ... more


Foreign business groups welcome infrastructure drive, but worry about changing incentives regime

FOREIGN CHAMBERS welcome the government’s infrastructure development push and unveiled their annual list of recommendations to further push this drive, but believe efforts to streamline incentives would make the country less attractive to investments. “We are very happy with the increased acceleratio... more

How Jack Ma made rich capitalists acceptable in Communist China 

Long before he became China’s most globally prominent business figure, Jack Ma was just an English teacher trying to persuade his friends that they would one day buy things over the internet.  His vision changed China. As Ma, 54, makes plans to leave Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., his legacy will ... more

US-China trade war could cause a bear market, stress test shows

President Donald Trump's continued push to level the global playing field when it comes to trade has done little to disturb the relentless bull market in stocks.nt Donald Trump's continued push to level the global playing field when it comes to trade has done little to disturb the relentle ... more

Workers in World's richest economies see biggest pay hike in a decade

Fatter wallets should support global economic growth already enjoying its best upswing since 2011 while encouraging central banks to keep tightening monetary policy before inflation takes hold. Workers in the world’s richest countries are getting their biggest pay bump in a decade, a step toward sol ... more

China central bank governor calls for further financial opening

BEIJING (Reuters) - China should continue to open its financial market in order to increase its global competitiveness, Shanghai Securities News reported on Monday citing an essay written by the central bank governor. People’s Bank of China governor Yi Gang wrote in the essay that China’s financial ... more



Apple donates $1M to Red Cross as Hurricane Florence slams North Carolina

And all four major carriers -- AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon -- are making communication free for customers in the hurricane's path. Tech companies rushed to help out as Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina. Apple is sending $1 million to the Red Cross to help in its emer  ... more

How One Polish Company Is Proving Disability Is No Handicap When It Comes To Working

This edition of Business Planet goes to Katowice, Poland for a very special company, a social enterprise where helping people is as important as the bottom line. Today, 10% of European companies are social enterprises. They employ 11 million people and they are particularly innovative. Majka Lipiak ... more

Spacex Signs Up Mystery Passenger For First Trip Around Moon

SpaceX has a passenger for the first private trip around the moon on its Big Falcon Rocket. But it's cloaking the news in a bit of mystery for a few days. The rocket company, founded by Elon Musk, will reveal the passenger's identity on Monday. "SpaceX has signed the world's first private passe ... more

Jeff Bezos Announces $2 Billion Philanthropic Effort

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Thursday announced a $2 billion philanthropic effort that will be targeted at providing help to homeless families and starting pre-schools in low-income communities. Bezos, believed to be the world's richest man with a net worth of more than $160 billion, announced... more

Facebook To Hire Human Rights Director Following Rohingya Abuses

Just weeks after banning several high-ranking Myanmar military officials, Facebook is hiring a director of human rights to address how it could be contributing to human rights abuses. In March, a UN investigator accused Facebook of being used to incite violence and racial hatred against Myanmar's  ... more


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