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We're Changing our Communications with You

Targeted, short & sharp quarterly communications with our SMSF Audit customers is going to be our goal going forward. This is the first of four editions for 2018. We'll keep you up-to-date with our 2018 template release via this newsletter and other industry news as well.

Thanks for your feedback of practical suggestions of how we can help you during 2018 - our first information webinar will be run in April, and we'll be following up with whitepapers and other webinar topics later in the year.

We've got a great FREE webinar for you to attend (and grab some CPD time). See below for more details about our webinar session SMSF Audit: Auditing Property Investments with Sharlene Anderson.

Sarah Butler

SMSF Audit Product Manager


Automation - How Much is Too Much?

Digital disruption, data feeds, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning… Where does Automation fit in, and will it hinder or help auditing? Sarah Butler shares our thoughts in this blog.

Class Super Integration - Lapsed Authorisations

Class Super have an in-built security measure - if your login is inactive for 30 continuous days, you will automatically be 'de-authorised'. All that is required is for the accountant or administrator to re-authorise you. For a refresher on how to do this, send them this link on our website, which contains a short video on Authorising Class Super access.


The latest (or popular) FAQS: 

How do I remap my TB so my ROI graphs work?

The Return on Investment (‘ROI’) in the Analysis section of checklists uses year end Trial Balance groups to calculate the ROI on 3 key investment types.

Managing your CaseWare Cloud subscriptions and purchases. 

Both subscriptions and apps can be purchased using the new MyCaseWare account management tool.


Special SMSF Audit Webinar: 12n April 26

Auditing Property Investments 

Work through a number of considerations and issues relating to auditing properties held in SMSFs with Sharlene Anderson (Veritas Corporation) & Sarah Butler (CaseWare). More information available here.


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