A Crab on a Rock! Whats Next?

Height Safety

Last years Swell Festival winner Joy Heylen took the coveted Neuman Family Scuplture Award.  How did the giant steel crab get there?  With a highly skilled telehandler operator and Rope Access & Rescue up on the rock! The Sculpture was carefully placed as per the artists requirements, then locked down using stainless steel cables and swages.  The year before it was giant ants and indigenous art, in between it was hand made poppies and lights.  Can't wait to see what amazing art gets put on the rocks this year!


Drop Dead Fred is a Heavy Casualty!

Onsite Rescue Training

Our rescue dummy, affectionately known as Drop Dead Fred, allows us to provide simulated real weight casualty situations.  This prevents the need for live casualty risks and discomfort while keeping training realistic.  A 75kg dead weight, Fred leaves the trainees wishing he would go on a diet!


Our Mission-

We are on a mission to raise standards, improve available information, define best practice and keep people safe.  We do this by sharing our industry knowledge as freely and openly as possible.

Our showroom is open 5 days a week (and by appointment on weekends) for you to come and try the latest equipment, get hands-on demonstrations and site-specific advice.  Leave with only what you need, knowing you got the best.

Our training facility is expanding all the time.  We will soon be running IRATA training courses from our Burleigh Heads facility.


Limited Time Offer- 


It appears that working on roofs and ladders is still by far the most dangerous thing we are doing.So what is driving this upward trend? Are people doing more stupid things? Taking more risks? Is there less accountability? Is there more pressure to get more work done faster with less equipment? Are registered training organisations handing out “tickets” and not skills?