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Put the Spring Open House on Your Calendar!

Please join us on March 24th for our Annual Spring Open House!

Meet Gulliver and the herd, enjoy music and entertainment,

food and a beer & wine corral, local artisans and more!

For more information, email Diane at

or call the office at 520-398-2814.

We still need a lot of volunteers to sign-up to help with

the event; so if you're able and willing, please let us know!

AZ Gives Day is April 3rd

Donate on April 3rd, #AZGivesDay, to support our mission and

strengthen our state’s nonprofit community. Not only do we collect

the donations but with your help, we can win a grant as well!

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One Eye For All

At Jumping Jack Ranch
Feb 2018

An equine sanctuary is where the wind blows across the high plateau
A thorny southwestern desert of the Santa Rita Range
Sparse are the plants too poor in size and number
Too few to hold the dust from the gusting wind

Silence dominates the landscape
The horses peacefully are lingering
Mustangs, premarins and giant drafts
Together with strays and the unwanted
All now seem content
Brown is the color dominating the panorama of the Sonoran desert
Humbled one senses something special is here

Fifty one horses today and maybe more tomorrow
All cared for by loving volunteers
The many corrals fill the five acres of this ranch
Each one a temporary place for the ones that agree

Horses are peaceful by nature
The few whose ears go back too easily
Are shown to a corral for ones more accepting

In one corral three horses are quiet
Their faces are masked from torturous flies
Two have sockets where their eyes should be
Were hollowed out by drug smugglers
Only one is lucky enough to have but one eye
Lucky that infection didn’t take two

When the one eyed stallion and the two blind ones met
Horse greetings were spoken but not for our ears
Then the stallion went silent and grand
As he guided the mares to their feed
Then gently he nudged them to the steel of the rails
For mares to feel their new home and its safety
Then casually back he went to eating his meal
No thankful sounds we heard from the mares
All happened as it is supposed to

Another day passes on the high desert plateau
The gusts tamed by the evening to a gentle breeze
The red sun sets to the slow sound of shuffling hooves
Looking for the right place to sleep
At Jumping Jack Ranch
Equine sanctuary

-- Renzo

Learn the Art of Myofascial Release

Join us in April to learn the art of myofascial release,

right here at Equine Voices! Seminar I will be held

April 6-8 and Seminar II will be April 9-10. For more

information and to register, click here!


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All proceeds benefit the horses at Equine Voices. 


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