Save The Date Nov 11, 2018 

EQUINE VOICES FALL FUNDRAISER ASSIGNMENTS – I have highlighted in red areas needing volunteers.  If any of you want to help please email Diane Russell at  This list is a best “guesstimate” as the event committee continues to plan. 


Event Coordinator:  Karen Pomroy


Volunteers/Publicity:  Diane Russell


Logistics:  Doug Dorsey


General Setup (10am): Need a lead volunteer and 12 additional volunteers


Gulliver Store/Info (10am):  Erika Limmer (Lead).  Need 2 additional volunteers


Greeter (4:30pm until):  Need 1 or 2 volunteers to greet guests


Photos/Video (ongoing):  Joie Giunta (Lead)


Registration (2:30 until):  Brie Goubeaux (Lead).  Need 2-3 additional volunteers


Silent Auction Donation Pickups:  Need anyone willing to make pickups and deliveries


Silent Auction (2:30 until):  Robert Thompson (Lead).  Need 2 volunteers for set-up


Silent Auction/Art (2:30pm until):  Susan Wienholtz (Lead).  Need 2 volunteers for set-up


Silent Auction Monitors (2:30 until 6:00):  Need 6 volunteers


Live Auction (6:00pm):  Karen Pomroy


Live Auction Presenters (6:00pm until):  Need 4 volunteers to hold up items


Live Auction Spotters (6:00pm until):  Need 4 volunteers to keep track of who is bidding


Live Auction Scribes (6:00pm until):  Need 2-4 volunteers to record bids/winning bids


Cashiers/Pickup (2:30 until):  Kerry Tomlinson (Lead).  Need 8 additional volunteers


Teardown After Event:  Need all available to help, 10 volunteers will be nice.





                      Get To Know Your Best Friend, Head Count

Call to Action!

                              Seeking justice for Justice the horse

                                    Can a neglected animal sue?


Justice is an 8-year-old American quarter horse who used to be named Shadow. And when he was named Shadow, he suffered. At a veterinarian’s exam last year, he was 300 pounds underweight, his black coat lice-ridden, his skin scabbed and his genitals so frostbitten that they might still require amputation.

The horse had been left outside and underfed by his previous owner, who last summer pleaded guilty to criminal neglect. And now Justice, who today resides with other rescued equines on a quiet wooded farm within view of Oregon’s Cascade mountains, is suing his former owner for negligence. In a lawsuit filed in his new name in a county court, the horse seeks at least $100,000 for veterinary care, as well as damages “for pain and suffering,” to fund a trust that would stay with him no matter who is his caretaker.


                         Oppose BLM/USFS Plan for Utah's Wild Horses

Utah Roundup Sparks Public Outrage

Photographs taken by AWHC photographer Steve Paige of a helicopter nearly hitting wild horses and causing them to crash through barbed wire at the BLM roundup underway this week in Utah are sparking public outrage.  AWHC has called for an investigation of the obvious violations of the agency’s own animal welfare policies at the roundup, which is taking place in the Bible Springs Complex and Sulphur Mountains HMA. The photos of the mistreatment of wild horses have been seen by nearly a million people on social media and are raising public awareness about the government’s cruel treatment of these federally-protected icons. Read more on our roundup coverage and complaint to the BLM by clicking below.



Last week we were saddened to tell you about the passing of  our sweet and gentle giant "Big Ben". Unexpectedly, we had to make the very tough decision to euthanize him. Unfortunately were not prepared for the increase in cost of euthanasia. Because of Ben's size, our veterinarian had to administer a double dose of the drug needed to put him to rest peacefully and humanely. In addition, the cost of burial was more than expected. If you would like to contribute to Ben's veterinary costs, please log on to, or by calling the office at 520-398-2814 or contacting

We are grateful to our veterinarian for his compassion and care during Ben's passing. Thank you Dr. Escalada for your love! 


Charity Raffle to Help Equines 

Help support Equine Voices through the 2018 Jim Click - Millions for Tucson Charity Raffle. 100% of all raffle tickets purchased will go toward Equine Voices and our mission. Call us today at (520) 398-2814.

                 We Need Your Help!

We are still looking for a six-seat golf cart in order to accommodate larger tours. If you have any information about where to find one or have one you would like to donate, please contact us by email at or call the office at (520) 398-2814.

Thank you!

Gulliver & Friends Needs Donations

If you have any items you would like to donate, please contact us!

Hours of operation at Gulliver & Friends Resale Boutique are Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 3pm.

All proceeds benefit the horses at Equine Voices!

Shop Amazon & Save Horses!
 By shopping online at Amazon through our affiliate link, up to 10 percent of your purchases will go to the horses of Equine Voices. It's simple, quick and convenient. Click Here and find the Amazon Icon on the top of the homepage, then get shopping!

Gulliver Fan Club
If you love Gulliver and would like to support the horses at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, please join "Gulliver's Fan Club". For only $10/month, you can be part of helping Gulliver spread the word about the plight of the foals bred for the PMU industry.

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Sponsor a Horse!

Sponsor a horse and receive a beautifully framed picture of the horse you've chosen and their story. For an annual sponsorship you will also receive a beautiful Cowboys Collectible horse hair key chain. Colors and styles may vary based on availability.
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