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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By means of hiking or by chopper, there is one other way to visit Havasupai Falls...on horseback. In fact, if you hike, you will pass by several strings of horses and mules carrying heavy packs, supplies, and tourists. Truly a sight to be seen. It feels like the Wild, Wild West, and what a memory to hold on to for life.

Behind the scenes, however, is a horrible abuse that many are not aware of. Horses and mules are burdened down with packs so heavy they collapse in the hot sun, only to be beaten, kicked and forced to stand in order to reach the top of the canyon where there is no shelter, water or rest. Upon arrival at “hilltop,” they are forced back down the eight-mile stretch, with a new load. The brutality has existed for decades. Only a few know the truth behind the scenes. Hundreds of horses and mules have suffered at the hands of their owners, being abused so badly that they could barely stand, and at times were left to die.

Click the link to view the article and audio concerning this scandal in full.

BLM to Remove Utah Mustangs

The famed Onaqui wild horses who live on our public lands near Salt Lake City, Utah, need your help. In just a few months, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will begin removing these beloved horses from the range.Families will be shattered and 379 of these magnificent animals will lose their freedom forever. In honor of Independence Day, please take a stand for these iconic Utah mustangs who are protected as national symbols of freedom.

Click the link to submit a formal complaint with the Bureau of Land Management.

Welcome Back Kelly Cooper!

After a short leave of absence, Kelly Cooper, our Operations Manager is back to assist us with the day to day operations of the ranch. Please join me in welcoming Kelly back to Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. 

In addition, I would like to give a warm welcome to Adalberto Villascuza and Lorey Anderson to our team. Adalberto will be responsible for the feeding and care of our equines on a full time basis and Lorey will assist when needed and be responsible for the feeding and care on the weekends.Welcome to our family Adalberto and Lorey!

Happy Independence Day!

From all of us at Equine Voices, two and four leggeds alike, we hope you and yours had a very Happy Fourth of July!

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