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We hope you can celebrate with us on helping Hilary win her case.

If you're thinking of handing back you ownership this year, may we just suggest that you think twice. Take us up on a Free Contract Review.  Hilary funded her own case at approximately £11k, and her return was approximately £60k.   Cases are always a risk but for some owners we have opportunities for introduction to a genuine funder, who'll take around £40% of your win at no risk to you.   We can also get you a payment plan, but interestingly no case has yet been lost and many others are already in the courts.  We'll publish documentation on this case soon once we have the relevant papwork, because you may just want to be a little further convince. Hilary's case took around 14 months, so we recommend you start your journey soon.  You can still use your product during any court process, right up till you win your case. CLC cannot breach their contract with you, so please take assurances from our 16 years + experience.

CLC may decide to change things as more cases win and no one can predict what they will do, or how successful they will be in changing anything.  Working as individuals, is much better because each contract does vary with some not even likely to go to court. That's where we come in and help to save you time in early stage advice.  We actually do something with your Review and Court Cases, unlike most scammers out there, as we're within an established company as you'll see from our Privacy Policy.

We also can use different Lawyers and Funders, all vetted by us, so that you can have a Trusted partner in working with us all for free. Approaching a Lawyer directly doesn't bring you the best benefits, because they don't always have funding and if that's what you want, we can put you in touch with the right people using our Trusted and Verification protocols. The exact same ones that Hilary and many others used.

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